The fastest custom Twitter monitor. Period.

Fully user controlled

Activate the monitor to watch any account whenever you need with the simple use of chat commands!

Private Hosting

Each group gets their own private server that the bot will run on. This ensures speed and also ensures the consistency of the speed.

Custom Pinger

Add and remove keywords with chat commands and the pinger will ping any role you like when a keyword is detected in a tweet!


How it works

Setting Up

After payment has been made you will be redirected to a form where everything that is needed is collected. If you are not redirected after purchasing, please send a message to CODYSGAMEWORLD#8708 on Discord.


Once the set up is complete, it's completely up to you! The monitor is awaiting your activation 24/7. You get to choose who gets monitored and when. You also have full control over the pinger bots keywords to fine tune the pings. The monitor can follow a single account or a Twitter list!

Custom Branding

Need or want custom branding? No problem! You can fully customize the embeds and the bot!


Have a problem or don't know how something works? All groups get a dedicated channel to contact me which is also used for bot commands.

Whatever else your heart desires!

Need anything or want anything added? Just let me know, most of the updates come from suggestions from my user base! I'm all ears!


"Woah, that was fast."

Purchase now and give your group an advantage for any bot restock.
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$75 / m
Note: PayPal is preferred.
After payment has been completed, you will be redirected to a form that will collect all the information required to set up the monitor.
Request demo

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